Super Soft Compression Support Socks 15-20 mmhg

  • 2 PAIRS OF COMPRESSION SOCKS THAT LOOKS LIKE A NORMAL SOCK. Do you suffer from edema, arthritis, varicose veins, swollen feet or lymphedema? Need a compression sock but one that looks like a normal sock? These are the compression socks for you. Made with cotton so they are super soft and breathable giving the impression of a normal sock but providing 15 20 mmhg graduated compression support.
  • BEST COMPRESSION SOCKS FOR TRAVEL & PREGNANCY. Easy to put on and take off along with soft binding at the top of the socks gives extra comfort and makes them perfect travel socks for protection against DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) clots during airplane travel. Great cotton compression socks for women and men. If you are diabetic they are suitable for you too.
  • EXTRA ROOM AT TOE FOR NURSES, TEACHERS AND THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE TO STAND ALL DAY. Graduated medical compression but with extra comfort. Normal thickness , so fit well with most shoes and support foot, ankle , calf to knee high. These are a functional everyday compression sock for the elderly and any age.
  • AT LAST A STYLISH COMPRESSION SOCK . It does not matter if you are recovering from sugery, in hospital , working , traveling or out playing golf. Foot pain along with swollen feet and legs are not fun but you can still look good with these socks. Available in black and gray. SIZING: Women US SHOE SIZE. SMALL: 5.5 - 9 (Calf width 9 - 15 in). MEDIUM: 9.5 - 13 (Calf Width 14 - 19 in). Mens US SHOE SIZE: SMALL: 5 - 8 (Calf width 9 - 15 in). MEDIUM: 9 - 13 (Calf Width 14 - 19 in)
  • GREAT ATHLETIC SOCK FOR SPORT TOO . The breathable cotton means they can help recovery from injury and fatigue for athletes too. Soft and comfortable for hiking, golf, soccer and runners as well as aid recovery from a sprain , relief from Plantar Fasciitis or problems with your achilles tendon.