The Ultimate Guide To No Show Socks

Getting the right look can be hard, but with the ultimate no show sock guide, finding the right socks for your boat shoes or loafers is simple! Reap the many benefits from fashion to health using this guide below.

Our Unique Stomper Joe Sizing Guide
Our sizing guide and perfect-fit guarantee are something that superstores can't do.  Don't be frustrated with the wrong fit once you get home, or trying to claim a refund from the internet.  Stomper Joe guarantees you the perfect fit, or we'll send you another pair.  Follow our custom sizing guidelineand save time!

Fit and Comfort
Let's face it.  Wearing shoes with no socks is uncomfortable and unsanitary, and often unsightly.  But who likes a sock poking outside of the shoe?   Stomper Joe No show socks solve this problem. Our no-show socks are worn with all styles of shoe, with all of the benefits of cotton, absorbent socks, and no one knows you have them on.

Pay attention to size as this is the most important thing.  A good no show sock will always state what foot size it is recommended for.  The biggest complaint about no show socks is that they slip off the heel.  This is nearly always due to wrong sizing. Check our SIZING GUIDE​ for the perfect fit, everytime.  If you have any questions, just contact us and we'll help you out.

Finding The Right Socks for You and Your Family
The right no show socks can be as thin or thick as is desired. Thicker socks absorb more sweat and keep the feet warmer. However if they are too thick can also stretch and distort the shape of some boat shoes.  Whatever your preference in thickness, always choose a sock that has a high cotton content or a material which is known for its moisture wicking properties.  For example, nylon is notorious for sweat and lack of absorption.
Good no show socks should also feature a no slip grip at the heel to keep them from sliding down into your shoe. Always check the seams.  These should be kept to a minimum to prevent unwanted rubbing and chaffing. 

Eliminate Foot Odor 
As well as being more comfortable, wearing socks soaks up all that unwanted perspiration which can cause that cheesy foot odor.
In fact, wearing no shoe socks with your loafer shoes can reduce foot odor by up to 90%. As the sock simply absorb sweat, making it hard for bacteria to take hold and produce odor. 
Shower fresh feet with Stomper Joe no show socks
Protect Your Shoes
Wearing shoes without socks means the sweat from your feet is absorbed by the material of the shoe.  In the case of boat shoes and trainer style footwear this can mean that the shoe absorbs the foot odor and starts to smell less than shower-fresh.

The moisture can also cause the shoe to stretch and change shape too which in turn makes the shoe look worn and ages it much quicker.  Wearing no show socks with your loafer shoes can prolong the life of the shoe and hence your investment, considerably.

Eliminate Fungal Infections
Did you know since the fashion of wearing boat shoes with no show or loafer socks came into fashion after the number of cases of athlete’s toot and other foot infections has risen considerably? It is not surprising, wearing shoes with no socks means that sweat will literally pool in the shoe. A constantly wet shoe is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Athlete’s foot is unsightly, itchy and can cause serious odors. Once contracted, this bacteria makes itself at home in between your toes and can be difficult to get rid of. Stomper Joe No show socks are proven extremely effective at reducing this when wearing boat shoes, loafers and especially ballet flats.