Meet Stomper Joe Customers!


Helena - The Volleyball Star

Helen - The Star Volleyball Player

I normally don't do socks in any shape or form.. Why would I put a condom on my foot? But when my volleyball team started using Stomper Joe no-show socks, the locker room smelled better, and my teammates' feet looked clean,. I began using Stomper Joe no-show socks as part of my sports team, and then in my daily life, Now I can go from court to cafe without changing my shoes or socks. It just makes everything so much easier.


Mike - The SuperYacht First Mate

No show socks for men Stomper Joe

Socks?  I go through socks like I go through dates!  I am a self-declared, obsessive-compulsive guy.  Everything in my life has to be just right.  I used to splurge on the big name brands of socks, but the prices added up quickly.

I must have no-show socks for my job, which is to look after my clients' safety and comfort and to look cool while doing so. I came across a Stomper Joe sock review in Yachting Pages magazine, and ordered 5 pairs.  That was a year ago, and now I order them by the dozen in every color.  Thanks for understanding me, Stomper Joe!   


Melissa - The Captain

No Show socks for ladies Stomper Joe

I spend every possible moment on my yacht with my granddaughter, I have about 20 pairs of Stomper Joe no show socks permanently on the boat. I hand wash them and they dry in less than an hour. I even use them on the boat without my deck shoes. These socks have been through storms, seawater, slippery galleys and long nights. They have never let me down (pun intended!)


Tamara - The Corporate Lioness  

Invisible no-show liner socks from Stomper Joe

My life involves looking good. I'm either at the office or the salon. I don't have time to worry about things like socks, so I don't. . My stylist, wardrobe, hairdresser are ready on demand. They order my Stomper Joe, no-shocks by the dozens in all colors, all the time.. It's just a no-brainer. That's all!  


 Gavin - The Convert

Stomper Joe no show socks for men

So far these socks are fantastic. I pretty much only wear Vans sneakers, and I never wear socks. Mostly for comfort, but also for... style, I suppose. Just not a sock guy. Hey. I'm proud of my ankles. I've got decent ankles. People deserve to see them. But... sneakers can get a little funky when you don't wear socks. So finally, at a friend's suggestion, I ordered a pack of these socks. They fit perfectly and are completely invisible. I've been walking around and they're staying put. Wait. Am I a sock guy now?

Elizabeth ''Liz'' - the high school student

Stomper Joe No Show women's bamboo invisible socks

So I splurged on some designer shoes, and I just really need something that just works for me daily without breaking the bank. Stomper Joe is fantastic value for me, and I can just wash and wear them. But then I noticed that my no show socks were missing and it turned out that my sister was using them too. So I wrote to Stomper Joe and they sent me a discount coupon code for all my future orders, as well as a little laundry bag to wash them in so they don't get lost.

My friends spend way too much money on designer no-show socks. I don't need to, because no one knows I'm wearing them. I get all the benefits of the big names without the big price.

Vip Patel - The IT Intern

Stomper Joe invisible men's no show sock client

My post graduate internship is in a sterile laboratory for about 20 hours per week.  Our staff are very sensitive to cleanliness and smells.  Stomper Joe socks are perfect for my job.  I keep a supply at my desk and slip into clean ones whenever I enter the lab. They take up hardly any space at all, and are easy to carry.

John - The Ducati Motorcycle King

stomper joe no show men's socks motorcycle riders

Socks? SOCKS? I don't even do shoes!  I eat, sleep and drink in my flip-flops, except when I'm riding or sailing.

My girlfriend bought me Stomper Joe no-show socks for Christmas, and I put them on with my boat shoes just to keep her happy. I have to admit, I really, really liked that my feet were still shower-fresh at the end of a messy day. No grime, lint, or gunk on my feet meant I could take my shoes off at night and put them on the table without a second thought.

I'm still usually in my thongs, but these socks come on if there's a sole involved.