(Previously Known As Jays Barely There)

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Socks!!! We all need them.  A bad fitting or uncomfortable pair of sock liners can really affect your day but we are sure that you have more important things to worry about.  That’s why we have made it our mission to make socks our business and let you worry about far more important things. 

Let’s face it any decent sock should feel like it is Barely There.

We have spent years looking at socks, getting feedback both negative and positive before making our products.  All the materials we use are of the highest quality and our factory has been making socks for over 20 years.

Founded in 2013 Stomper Joe first traded as Jays Barely There and grew quickly introducing a new range of no show socks for men which became the best-selling sock of its type on Amazon during 2014.  The name was changed to Stomper Joe in 2015 in response to customer feedback.

Unlike other sock liners our blend of premium quality cotton allows your feet to breathe and remain cool yet still have enough elasticity to grip your foot.  Our extra-large silicon grip makes a big difference too.

We know our work is still not finished we are always looking to make our products better and will be launching some new products very shortly. 

We can only do this with your help, let us have your feedback and sign up for our VIP club, help us improve by giving feed back and in return, time to time we will send you promotion codes for our products and free samples of our new products we are trialling. To find out more simply email us here info@stomperjoe.com


Jays Barely There Socks – Stomper Joe are produced and manufactured by Totem Trading LLC.  

Our products sold on Amazon.com exclusively by the seller Totem Accessories.  Products offered on the Amazon platform by different sellers are not original Jays Barely There/ Stomper Joe products and we can not honor our sizing and money back guarantees if bought from them.